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FAQs and Glossary

Can I transfer my agreement to someone else?

Hire Purchase, Lease Purchase, Solutions, Contract Hire and Finance Lease customers:

We are unable to transfer agreements into another person’s name, irrespective of their relationship to you. However, there are some circumstances where we would consider this, such as transfers to a limited company or where executors wish to transfer equity in the event of a customer's death. We would suggest that you contact us in order to talk through the options.


Fixed Cost Maintenance customers:

Unfortunately once a plan is set up it must remain with the vehicle. You can however transfer the plan to the new owner of the vehicle. All we need is a letter or email from both parties confirming they would like this to happen and we will arrange for a new contract to be sent out.


Fixed Price Service customers:

The plan must remain with the vehicle however we are more than happy to transfer the plan to the new owner. All we would need is for them to contact us either by phone, email or post advising us they now own the car, and supply us their name, address and contact telphone number.