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Contract Hire

What to do during your agreement

We’ll continue to take the monthly payments by direct debit, send you annual confirmation of vehicle taxation and provide roadside assistance for every year of your agreement.


It’s important to keep your vehicle in good condition therefore we recommend that you read the Fair Wear & Tear guidelines throughout your contract to ensure there are no unnecessary charges at the end of the agreement.

Please ensure you follow these three simple steps:


1. Your vehicle should be serviced and repaired in line with our service schedule with approved Volkswagen retailers only. Your Contract Hire agreement may include this. Find an approved retailer


2. All tyres must be replaced with the required specification (as originally fitted to your vehicle when you took delivery). Details of this can be found in your vehicle handbook. If you have tyre cover as part of your agreement, you will need to contact our approved tyre supplier - ATS Euromaster. You can find your nearest branch using the following link: or by calling 0800 085 5552. If you do not have tyre cover then you also have the option to use this service at your own cost.


3. Before we delivered the vehicle, we agreed a mileage allowance with you. If you need to increase it at any time, just ask us for a new quote.


If you go over your agreed mileage you will have to pay an excess mileage charge at the end of the agreement.


You can advise us of your mileage change by completing and submitting the mileage change form.


We’ll contact you towards the end of your agreement to arrange inspection and collection of the vehicle.



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