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Solutions (PCP)

What to do at the end of your agreement

This is where Solutions comes into its own; as at the end of your agreement you have three options available to you:


1. Exchange it for another Volkswagen


We hope you enjoyed your Volkswagen. If you would like another one, your Solutions plan simply enables you to part-exchange your current vehicle for a new Volkswagen. You will need to settle your existing agreement and then apply for a new one with us (subject to application and acceptance).


1.1 We can, if necessary, extend your agreement for a short period to allow delivery of your new Volkswagen (if for any reason your new car is not due for delivery in line with your contract end date). This is called a Short Term Concession and can be managed through the retailer network. They will need to supply us with a commission number and estimated delivery date of your new vehicle no later than one month before your agreement end date. During this time we will continue to debit monthly payments in line with your existing payment plan. All arrangements will be confirmed in writing to you.

It may also be helpful to know:

  • The maximum term of a Short Term Concession is 12 months or 11 months if you have had a payment date change throughout the agreement.
  • We are unable to authorise a Short term Concession if the Direct Debit for the final payment has already been requested.

Please contact your preferred retailer who will talk you though your options. Find your local retailer.


Use the Volkswagen finance calculator to get an initial quote:

2. Keep Your Current Vehicle


If you would like to keep your current vehicle, you will need to pay your final payment and option-to-purchase fee. We will collect your final payment by Direct Debit and begin to close the agreement down. 


Once your agreement has been settled we will automatically transfer ownership to you. The closing down period takes 10 days, after which time a letter will be sent to you to confirm that we no longer hold an interest in the vehicle.


2.1 Alternatively, if you wish to keep the car but want to spread the cost of the final payment we can consider arranging to refinance the final (balloon) payment for you, subject to your status and satisfactory payment history.


Should you wish to be considered for this option please contact us no later than one month before your agreement is due to end, so we can provide you with quotations and submit your application for an underwriting decision in a timely manner.


It may also be helpful to know that: 

  • Applications to refinance can only be made by our customer themselves.
  • You can put down a deposit so that the refinance balance is lower. 
  • The final (balloon) payment can be no less than £1000.00.
  • The new monthly payment cannot be less than £50.00 per month.
  • If approved, documentation can be sent via E-Signature so please ensure your email details with us are up to date.
  • The agreement should not be in arrears.

3. Return The Vehicle


If you no longer wish to keep the vehicle at the end of the agreement term, you can return it to us. You will still need to pay all the monthly rentals and the option to purchase fee. Further charges may apply if you have exceeded your agreed mileage, or if there are any refurbishment costs following inspection and collection. 



We will require a minimum of one months’ notice in order to arrange the vehicle collection. Requests made after this date may result in a risk of you requiring additional Insurance, Road Tax or even an MOT, along with the possibility of the Direct Debit for the final (balloon) payment being applied for.


They will contact you directly to arrange a convenient time for the Inspection and Collection of the vehicle.  Alternatively our collection agents will attempt to make contact with you via the contact details you have provided us with.


 On the day of inspection please ensure that:

  • The vehicle is clean, inside and out
  • You have all the relevant documentation (e.g. service book, registration document V5, MOT certificate, etc.)
  • You return all equipment supplied with the vehicle (e.g. spare key, satellite navigation, CD/DVD, warning triangle). 


The inspector will record any damage (and cost of repair) or missing equipment/documentation and you’ll be asked to sign to confirm your acceptance of the report.


 It may also be helpful to know:

  • If you have a personalised number plate that you are intending to keep, you will need to take the relevant steps to have this removed prior to submitting your request to return the vehicle to us.
  • The Direct Debit for your final (balloon) payment may be applied for if we are not
    given adequate notice of your decision to return the vehicle.  So please contact us within the timescales detailed above.
  • An inspection of the vehicle will be completed prior to collection of the vehicle and you may be liable for refurbishment and/or excess mileage charges.
  • The option to purchase fee will still be collected by Direct Debit so that we can sell the vehicle at auction on your behalf. 


Whichever one you choose, please contact us within the timeframes provided above to ensure that we have adequate time to address your preferred option and avoid applying for your Final (Balloon) Payment by Direct Debit unnecessarily.