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Ending your agreement early

Contract Hire customers 

If you are you thinking of ending your Contract Hire agreement sooner that the agreed expiration date, we can provide you with an Early Termination quotation which to bring your contract to a close.


The quotation is based on a percentage of the remaining balance left to pay on your agreement, this can be between 45-75% depending on the length of your agreement and at which point of the agreement you are currently at.


Once the Early Termination amount has been paid, our agents at British Car Auctions will be in contact to arrange a convenient time for your vehicle to be inspected and collected.


Please note if you do go ahead with the Early Termination your Mileage allowance will be prorated and you may incur excess mileage charges as a result.


If an Early Termination of your contract does seem beneficial, you can request a quote by completing the form below.