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Assigning your Personalised Plate

Before we can complete the assigning of your Personalised Plate to a Contract Hire vehicle the following have to be in place:-

  • —As we are the registered keeper and owner of the vehicle we will process all paperwork and liaise with the DVLA on your behalf and you will be liable for all associated DVLA charges of assignment. The vehicle will always remain registered to us whilst you hire the vehicle.
  • Your Personalised Plate will need to be removed from our vehicle at least two months prior to the contract end date. It is important that this time scale is adhered to so that we can dispose of the vehicle without your Personalised Plate at contract end*.


*Volkswagen Financial Services has no interest in your Personalised Plate.

Assigning your Personalised Number Plate


Please see the documents below for guidance on filling out the forms





We hope the guide clarifies any questions you may have, however, if you have any further queries please contact the Client Services department on 0370 010 2022.